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Import configuration is good, after-sales service is good, customer reputation is good

The Product Application Scheme Of Chunyuqiufeng

Diversified UV printing solutions to meet the color printing needs of various industries

The Product Advantages Of Chun Yu Qiu Feng

Dedicated to creating high-quality projects and striving to enhance the corporate brand

Free combination of printing schemes
White color double negative pressure configuration
Automatic anti-collision and continuous play function
Automatic height measurement function
Teflon suction platform
mechanical control buttons
THK double guide rail + high innovation
Industrial Servo Motor
Y-axis THK double guide rail + upper silver double screw rod
Gantry milling all steel frame

Printing Effect Of Chun Yu Qiu Feng Products

Unique printing effect, making the product more outstanding and more competitive

Reasons To Choose Chun Yu Qiu Feng

Why choose us?

First Tier Brand 

Trustworthy Reputation

15 years of technology precipitation monument is trustworthy


More than 200 technical patents, recognized by more than 3,000 companies, and cooperative customers all over the world

First-Line Brand

Factory Direct Sales 

no price trap

There is no middleman to make the difference, self-produced, self-operated and self-sold, and the price has no trap

First-Line Brand

Quality Assurance

using mature programs

7 days unconditional return


1 year warranty, lifetime maintenance

first-line brand

High Tech Enterprises 

supported by machine purchasing banks

Strong technical fortress


Purchase supports bank installment payment

first-line brand

After Sales Response

nationwide locations are on call

Free product upgrade service

first-line brand

On Site Service

providing "operator" expatriate service, so that customers have no worries

Provide "operator" dispatch service


Always provide profit-making solutions for free, and customers have no worries

first-line brand

About Chun Yu Qiu Feng

Guangzhou Chun Yu Qiu Feng Digital Color Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer who implements double white relief high-speed printing in the domestic digital industry and digital color printing industry, a manufacturer who implements varnish printing solutions, and a pioneer in implementing 20MM high-drop printing solutions. Based on the needs of the industry, the company gathers talents and technical resources in the industry, and focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of industrial-grade digital printing equipment. Er nozzle, combined with the company's many years of application experience, continuous updating and continuous innovation, provides industrial manufacturing enterprises and individual entrepreneurs with more popular and more professional UV printer equipment and complete uv printing application solutions.


Opportunities and challenges coexist, glory and dreams coexist. Chunyu Qiufeng has a firm belief and tenacious perseverance to face the next ten or twenty years, and contribute his own strength to the rise of the uv printing industry.


We keep making progress, work hard, operate with integrity, and win-win cooperation!

  • 2015


    Company Was Founded On

  • 1000


    Joint Venture

  • 200


    Technology Patent

  • 8000

    Plant Construction Area

Chun Yu Qiu Feng digital color printing equipment
Chun Yu Qiu Feng digital color printing equipment
Chun Yu Qiu Feng digital color printing equipment

Common Problem

AThe cost of ink is about 2 yuan per square meter for color, and about 5 yuan per square meter for white color. Depending on the printing effect you want, the ink cost is relatively different. Uv printing reduces labor costs, and one machine and one person can complete tens of thousands of production per day. Compared with traditional processes, uv printers greatly improve production efficiency.
ARegardless of whether your product is uneven, curved, shaped, or flat, our printers can print it. Different patterns are designed according to different products. After printing, ordinary products can appear more high-end, more vivid, and more beautiful. charm. After uv printing, it can give your product new life and enhance the value of your product
ATraditional printing processes such as screen printing and pad printing need to adjust the ink to make a film plate, manually scrape the ink for the screen plate, and repeatedly register the color. The labor cost is high, the ink smells strong, and it is not environmentally friendly. It is only suitable for monochrome and can only be placed in large quantities. Not suitable for proofing and customization. UV ink is environmentally friendly and odorless, and it dries immediately after printing. It can pass the European Union's international and domestic certification standards such as ROHS/FCC/CE, and is in line with national policy trends. Whether it is small-volume proofing or mass production, as long as there is a picture, the finished product can be printed directly, and it can be printed and dried, which is convenient and fast, saves time and worry, and saves time and labor costs.

Heart is not as good as action, use the printing effect to see the quality

Have questions about our machines and equipment? Looking for help with a unique application? Need help with a budget estimate to determine overall equipment costs to assess if your project makes sense?
Please feel free to contact us - we'll be happy to help. Chun Yu Qiu Feng provides you with free proofing service, so that you can see the printing effect of your products more intuitively.

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Customer Service WeChat

Pay attention to the official account

Pay attention to the official account

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