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Pre-Sale Service

Ingenuity to the original heart, sincerity to win satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit


1. Recommended model

According to the needs of customers, recommend the most suitable model and configuration, and provide more professional and reliable printing solutions


2. Free proofing

According to the needs of customers, print the effects required by customers for free, and recommend suitable inks in combination with the company's application plan


3. Site survey

You can visit the site free of charge and provide professional site layout proposals and circuit configurations to determine the size of the machine entrance to ensure that the machine can enter the site successfully.


4. Cost accounting

Provide customers with cost-effective consumables and accessories solutions to ensure customer product competitiveness. Calculate ink cost according to different products in different industries.

Sale Service

Chunyu Qiufeng solves your problems of difficult recruitment and operation! Your caring butler!

Train Customers

Provide "Machine Operation Manual", "Equipment Instructions", "After-sales Technical Service Charging Standards", "Six Key Cognitions" to assist customers in installing correct computer configurations and understanding the equipment use and maintenance process to ensure the later use of equipment remain stable during the process.

Instructions for use

On-site training service

Door-to-door training and production assistance, the machine can start production as soon as it arrives at the factory, saving a lot of time and creating more value for you!

On-site training
provide resources

Provide sustainable profit solutions

According to market needs, we regularly provide free upgrade value-added services to customer equipment.

Provide business resources

Provide the exquisite gallery required by the industry to solve your problems of finding and making pictures. Customers can start production when they come to the scene to select pictures, saving time, effort and worry, so that you can improve work efficiency and quickly serve your customers.
Provide designer resources, operator resources, painter resources, and procurement resources required by the industry. Solve your difficult recruitment and procurement problems.

Provide gallery

After-Sales Service

One year free warranty, lifetime maintenance!!

Can't operate the machine when it is in use? There is a problem, worry about the after-sales service not in time?

Chun Yu Qiu Feng solves all your worries!



Regular monthly technical training to build a stronger after-sales team



Equipped with after-sales service car, arrange door-to-door on the day of emergency after-sales



24 hours in the province / 48 hours outside the province door-to-door after-sales service, 365 days online


Due Diligence

Patiently guide after purchase and provide professional on-site service to help start the project



Pay attention to the market situation of customers and create more competitive products for customers



Door-to-door visits during holidays, regular visits to customer equipment usage

Heart is not as good as action, use the printing effect to see the quality

Have questions about our machines and equipment? Looking for help with a unique application? Need help with a budget estimate to determine overall equipment costs to assess if your project makes sense?
Please feel free to contact us - we'll be happy to help. Chun Yu Qiu Feng provides you with free proofing service, so that you can see the printing effect of your products more intuitively.

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Address: No. 21, Qianfeng North Road, Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou

Customer Service WeChat

Customer Service WeChat

Pay attention to the official account

Pay attention to the official account

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